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Why choose Cashmere?

The best Cashmere comes from places like Mongolia where the winters are harsh and the goats naturally grow longer, finer fibers to keep warm. These fibers are collected in the spring when the goat no longer needs this extra layer of warmth.

Cashmere keeps you warm even on very cold winter days - six times better than normal sheep's wool. Because of its very fine fibers, it neither scratch nor fluff. The best part about the fabric is that its comfortable to wear even in heated rooms or in summer days, due to the temperature regulating property.

We're all about ethical and sustainable fashion. Our materials come from the finest, humanely-raised goats, guaranteeing no animal cruelty in the process. We're dedicated to slow fashion and crafting durable, high-quality garments.

1. Softness

Cashmere comes from long, soft natural fibres which, then woven, create luxuriously soft pieces.

The best part: it gets softer with age and after every wash. We call this a Super Power!

Unlike some other fires, cashmere does not irritate the skin and can be worn directly on it. Being lightweight gives it an added advantage.

2. Breathable

Cashmere keeps you warm - yet dry.
With remarkable breathability it is odor and stain repellent.

The fabric warms you six times better than normal sheets wool and it ticks all the boxes for cozy and comfortable baby wear.

3. Durable

Once you get yourself a cashmere product and care for it correctly, you can be assured it will journey with you through many years and even generations to come.

4. Natural & Sustainable

It's no secret that natural, sustainable fibers are friendly for the planet and for us.

The highest quality cashmere uses no harmful dyes or chemicals.
Since it is all natural, there is a lower risk of allergies.