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Cashmere is not only comfortable and durable but also very easy to care for.
For best results, we recommend that you follow the washing instructions carefully. 
Cashmere wool has the significant advantage of being self-cleaning, which means that instead of needing to be washed, hanging it up in fresh air will suffice.

If you do want to wash cashmere items, make sure to do so carefully by hand, or use the hand wash or wool cycle on your machine. Cashmere should never be washed at more than 30 degrees. Using a special wool detergent is also necessary so that the garment is not damaged and retains its natural beauty. Never use the dryer after washing. Carefully squeeze out the wet product so that the moisture escapes and lay flat on a towel.

After washing, cashmere may start to pill, this is perfectly normal, use a special pilling razor or comb to remove the pilling gently and effectively. Afterwards it will be soft again and like new. We recommend taking good care of the pieces so that they can be worn and reused from child to child.